6 Square Advantages

How We Deliver Value

6 Square Cabinets are designed and built for today's lifestyles and budgets. By blending traditional stock cabinetry with many features typically common only to custom-built cabinets, 6 Square Cabinets is able to provide true value for your home. 6 Square builds cabinetry for homeowner's who are looking for quality that lasts, looks impressive, and fits comfortably within their price range.

Lifetime Limited Warranty Seal6 Square Cabinets extends a Lifetime Limited Warranty to the original purchaser of cabinets for residential use.


6 Square Cabinets offers custom modifications so cabinets can be tailored specifically for your space. From beaded panels and matching interiors to increased and reduced depths, 6 Square Cabinets simply gives you more options and more value.

Constructing Value

Mouse over the cabinet features below to see how 6 Square's construction makes a difference.

  6 Square Cabinets Competition Why It Matters
Cabinet Box All plywood box Engineered wood  
Cabinet Sides ½″ plywood sides 38″ or ½″ engineered wood
Back Panel 38″ full cabinet height plywood ¼″ panel with MDF hang rails
Cabinet Top & Bottom ½″ captured on four sides ½″ engineered wood
Base Cabinet Braces ½″ plywood captured I-beams Plastic corner gusset blocks
Shelves ¾″ full-depth plywood ½″ half-depth particleboard
Drawer Box 58″ dovetailed, hardwood ½″ stapled particleboard
Drawer Glide Full-extension undermount Visible side mount
Door Bumpers Clear, soft, round bumpers Foam pads
Hinge for Full Overlay 6-way adjustable concealed 4-way adjustable concealed
Door Styles All styles full overlay or inset Partial overlay
  1. Cabinet Box

    All-plywood construction means our cabinets are lighter and stronger, which eases installation and lowers the chance of damage during a shipment.

  2. Cabinet Sides

    Plywood sides strengthen the cabinet and prevent damage, while also lightening the cabinet to make installation quicker and easier. Fasteners hold better and allow for flexibility of accessory installation and future adjustments.

  3. Back Panel

    38″ full-height, plywood back panels make installation easy and provides improved stability.

  4. Cabinet Top & Bottom

    ½″ plywood tops and bottoms are captured on four sides. They provide stability and durability so bottoms will not cave from heavy weight.

  5. Base Cabinet Braces

    Captured ½″ plywood with I-beam construction provide stability during shipping and installation.

  6. Shelves

    Full-depth shelves maximize storage capacity.

  7. Drawer Box

    Cabinet-depth, dovetailed, 58″ hardwood drawer boxes provide the look and feel of fine furniture and maximize storage capacity.

  8. Drawer Glide

    Full-extension, steel, undermount, ball bearing, buffer-close glides provide easy access to the entire drawer box. The soft-close system quiets drawers and prevents slammed fingers.

  9. Door Bumpers

    Clear, soft, round bumpers do not compress over time and help quiet drawer closing.

  10. Hinge For Full Overlay

    6-way adjustable concealed hinges allow for maximum adjustability.

  11. Door Styles

    All full overlay or inset door styles reflect the classic, yet contemporary style you desire.