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Why 6 Square

6 Square cabinets offers a high quality and high value stock cabinet that is simple to sell and provides an opportunity to produce better margins. This web page was given to you by your areas local 6 Square Cabinet Sales Rep. to provide a simple introduction and some business information to help you decide if you want to carry 6 Square Cabinets at your location.

Lifetime Limited Warranty Seal 6 Square cabinets issues a Lifetime Limited Warranty to the original purchaser for residential use. 6 Square Cabinets is one of the few stock cabinet companies to offer this to their customers.

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Official KMCA Certified Seal 6 Square Cabinets comply and bears the KCMA Certification Seal and is recognized in the marketplace as a quality product able to perform after a rigorous battery of tests simulating years of typical household use.

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dealer partnerThe credit approval process will typically take 6 - 10 days for approval, contingent upon the responsiveness of Dealers trade and banking references. Ron Swengel is 6 Square Credit Manager and can be reached at 952-935-0200 ext. 108 or e-mail if there are questions.


  1. Dealer must complete the following:

    1. Dealer Credit & Set-up Application (DCSA)
    2. State Sales Tax Exemption form (if applicable); if not provided, 6 Square will charge Dealer the appropriate State Sales Tax on every sale. Please see bottom of page for State Sales Tax information.
  2. Submit Forms

    Rep or Dealer submit completed DCSA & Sales Tax Exemption paper work to 6 Square Customer Service via FAX (952-935-1550) or e-mail ( NOTE: If financial statements are being provided, they should be sent directly to Ron Swengel, Credit Manager – phone 952-935-0200 ext. 108 or e-mail

  3. Credit Approval

    Once credit has been approved, Customer Service will notify the Dealer and provide a confirmation email with the credit line available and the Dealers' Account Number. Sales Rep will be copied on the communication.

  4. Dealer Only Website Access

    Once Credit is approved and the account is set-up, 6 Square will send via e-mail, Dealer Login and password information so that Dealer may have access to the Dealer Support Website.


Displaying Dealer (Showroom):

Dealer must commit to one of two following options:

  1. 4′ of Cabinetry Display

    A minimum of 4′ or more of wall and based cabinetry, plus a complete set of Sample Door assemblies (SDR's - 15″ × 24″). Display design to be pre-approved by 6 Square. Prices includes shipping, but are subject to Fuel Surcharge.

  2. Space Saver Selling Center

    Purchase a Space Saver Selling Center that is a standalone merchandising unit that measures 30″ wide. The Space Saver Selling Center is available in selected door styles and includes a 30″ base cabinet, all current sample door assemblies (SDR's - 15″ × 24″), top decorative pediment, door hanging rack with door brackets. Standard display cost for Itasca-Maple Spice door style is $695, including delivery; other select door styles are available for slightly higher price. Dealer is responsible to provide countertop, decorative hardware and installation. If purchasing the Space Saver Selling Center you can earn your money back. Dealer may obtain up to 100% of investment back on the Selling Center based on an earned rebate that is funded at the rate of 2% of net purchases. Rebate will be calculated on purchases made over a 12 month period that begins the 1st full calendar month following shipment of the Selling Center. Rebate is paid in form of a credit at the end of 12 months. Standard delivery lead time.

6 Square will provide complimentary Sales Aids with initial Cabinet display or Space Saver Selling Center or display that includes:50 - Product brochures, Specification & Price book, Color Chip Set and a Molding Chain. Minimum annual purchase expectation is $20,000. Display cabinetry and door samples receive a 50% discount off standard dealer cost.

Non Displaying Dealer (No Showroom):

No display requirement but must purchase full sample door set at 50% off published price. Dealer can select the large 15″ × 24″ set or the small 12″ × 15″ doors. Non displaying Dealers (no showroom) will pay a slightly higher price than Dealers with showrooms. Please consult your 6 Square Sales Rep for details.


After your credit application has been approved, or prepayment alternative has been established, your 6 Square Independent Representative will contact you. After your sales and showroom material have been ordered and approved, the Credit Department will notify you with your account number and final terms. Credit terms are 1% discount if paid within 15 days of the invoice date or payment in full 30 days after invoice date.


6 Square Cabinets offers terms for Dealers who have been approved by credit and are on good terms with 6 Square Cabinets. Other payment forms include: MasterCard, Visa & Discover Credit Card (not including Credit Terms), Business Check, Online Bank Fund Transfer, Cashier's Check, US Postal Money Order and others.


Dealer State Sales Tax Exemption Form – FOR RESALE PURPOSES – Please download, from the list below, your individual State Sales Tax Exemption Form Certificate. This form states that you have a registered Tax ID number with the state that you do business in and declares that you are responsible for collecting state sales tax. If this form is not completed and submitted to 6 Square Cabinets your orders will be charged sales tax.6 Square Cabinets only provides these forms (from the individual states) as a service and is not responsible for their content. Please check with your State Department of Revenue or a tax professional for any questions.

The states of Alaska, Delaware, New Hampshire, Montana, & Oregon do not have sales tax and applying Dealers are not required to submit a state Sales Tax Exemption Form. The state of Florida requires businesses to register with state for Resale Exemption. After FL approves application, business will receive a Certificate of Registration (Form DR-11) and a Florida Annual Resale Certificate for Sales Tax (Form DR-13).

This form must be annually submitted to 6 Square Cabinets in order to not be charged sales tax on each order.

The state of Hawaii does not have sales tax but has a general excise tax. There is no general excise tax exemption for goods and services purchased in Hawaii from out-of-state. As a result, the Hawaii Department of Taxation does not issue tax exemption certificates to nonresidents in Hawaii. Therefore 6 Square Cabinets is required to charge the excise tax on the % of the gross proceeds of the sale.

States sales tax exemption
States sales tax exemption sorted alphabetically
*Oklahoma also requires Dealer to have copy Business tax ID permit along with State Sales Tax Exemption Form
Alabama Arizona Arkansas California
Colorado Connecticut District of Columbia Georgia
Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa
Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine
Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota
Missouri Nebraska Nevada New Jersey
New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota
Ohio Oklahoma* Pennsylvania Rhode Island
South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah
Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia
Wisconsin Wyoming