White Kitchen6 Square Cabinets offers custom modifications so cabinets can be tailored specifically for your space. From beaded panels and matching interiors to increased and reduced depths, 6 Square Cabinets simply gives you more options and more value.

  1. Finished Beaded End

    An alternative to our standard plywood veneer finished ends is our beaded applied panel. This modification adds texture and style, and is available for wall, base, vanity and tall cabinets.

  2. Increased & Reduced Depth

    The standard cabinet size will not always work for every application. The depth of most 6 Square cabinets can be increased or decreased in one-inch increments to fit your kitchen.

  3. Matching Interior

    A matching interior is available for most wall and base cabinets. The color of all interior surfaces, including the shelves, will be the same. 6 Square encourages the use of this modification for prepped for glass insert and void door cabinets.

  4. Prepped for Insert

    Any wall cabinet can be prepped for insert—ready for your choice of glass, tin, or fabric. If the insert is not opaque, consider adding a matching interior for a consistent finished look.

  5. Matching Beaded Back Panel

    The matching beaded back option uses 38″ plywood veneer beadboard in the back of the cabinet. Matching interior is included. Combine with glass doors for a great design focal point.

  6. Void Door All

    Void door cabinets are shipped without doors, hinges, and drawers. Combine with a matching interior to create a bookcase or display cabinet. The void door option is available for most cabinets.

  7. Finished Front Only

    A finished front provides a great way to design around difficult objects like pipes and corner chases. Wall, base, and tall cabinets can be ordered without a cabinet box.