Specialty Cabinets

Get a little more out of your cabinetry! 6 Square has a variety of specialty cabinets available to give you added function and extra style where you need it.

  1. Knee Hole Drawer Knee Cabinet Drawers are the width and depth of a full cabinet, and are stackable.
  2. Wood Hood Three styles of Wood Hoods are available with various molding and valance selections.
  3. Prepped for Glass Door Cabinets Prepped for Insert cabinets with a matching veneer interior.
  4. Base Trash Cabinet The Base Wastebasket cabinet is available in 15″ (1 can) and 18″ (2 can) widths.
  5. 3 Drawer Base Cabinet The Three Drawer Base cabinet is available in 12″–36″ widths (3″ increments).
  6. Spice Drawer Cabinet The 6″ Spice Drawer cabinet is available for vertical and horizontal design applications (12″ depth).
  7. Base End Angle Cabinet Base End Angle cabinets are available for left and right sides (24″ depth, full height).
  8. Open Shelf End Base The Open Shelf End Base is 12″ deep. The wall cabinet version is 9″ deep.