With 6 Square Cabinets, it's easy to design your kitchen to work harder for you. Specialty storage cabinets help you control clutter, efficiently organize, maximize storage, and keep the things you need close by—all with time-saving convenience.

  1. Pantry Cabinets The Pantry Cabinet is the perfect way to store both large and small items. Optional roll-out trays bring items outside of the cabinet for easy access. Pantry cabinets are available in 15″, 18″, 24″, 30″, and 36″ widths. The depth will vary between 12″ and 24″. The optional roll-out trays use the same glides and drawer box construction as standard base cabinets.
  2. Base Pull Out The Base Pull-Out storage cabinet is available in 9″ and 12″ widths. This efficient cabinet packs tons of storage in a small space and is great to place next to food preparation areas. With two adjustable shelves, this cabinet works well for storing different sized cans, bottles, and boxes.
  3. Drawer Base The Pots & Pans Drawer cabinet provides the deep space needed for storing pots, pans, and bulky small appliances. This double drawer cabinet is available in 15″, 30″, and 36″ widths.
  4. Lazy Susan The Lazy Susan has two 28″ rotating trays that sit on steel, ball bearing swivels. Without a center pole, everything inside the cabinet fits easily and is accessible with a quick spin. Also, the fixed center shelf prevents boxes from falling into the back corner.
  5. Roll out Trays Roll-Out Trays are available in all base cabinets 12″ or wider. They use the same drawer box construction and drawer glides as standard base cabinet drawers. You can select one, two, or three Roll-Out Trays for base cabinets. Roll-Out trays are available as an option for full height cabinets.
  6. Filler Pull Out The 6″ Filler Pull-Out cabinet is a compact solution for storing spices, cans, and other narrow items. Have a few extra inches? Add additional function and efficient storage with the full-extension Filler Pull-Out cabinet.
  7. Tray Base The Tray Base cabinet is designed to house cookie sheets, baking and pizza pans, and serving platters. No more awkward and difficult stacking in drawers, the Tray Base makes these commonly used items easy to access.