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Kitchen Glam ShotAt 6 Square Cabinets, it is our mission to supply best-in-class cabinets, service, and support. If you have purchased or are considering purchasing 6 Square for your home, many of your questions may be answered below and throughout this website.

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frequently asked questions

Where can I purchase cabinets?
6 Square Cabinets are sold through authorized 6 Square Cabinets dealers only. To find a dealer in your area please contact Customer Service at 877-820-0501 or email [email protected].
How do I clean and care for my cabinets?
6 Square Cabinets has prepared some care and cleaning guidelines for you with our Product Care Guide. For additional questions, please contact the authorized dealer where you purchased your cabinetry.
How much do cabinets cost?
6 Square Cabinets are priced and sold through authorized dealers only. Every kitchen is unique and cost will vary greatly due to the style, configuration, and number of cabinets, as well as any design accents and modifications desired. Please contact a 6 Square Cabinets authorized dealer to help determine a price estimate.
How long does it take to get my cabinets after I place my order?
6 Square Cabinets lead times typically average 2–3 weeks, but will vary based on geographic location, peak order times, and holidays. Please ask your authorized 6 Square Cabinets dealer about specific delivery times for your area.
Can I order a 6 Square Cabinets price list?
Each 6 Square Cabinets dealer establishes their own pricing policies, which reflect shipping, handling, and service costs to their area. Additionally, pricing a cabinet order can be quite complex depending on what options and upgrades each consumer chooses. Please consult your authorized 6 Square Cabinets dealer for more information.
Where can I get replacement parts or touch-up materials for my 6 Square Cabinets?
These items are all available from the dealer where you purchased your cabinetry. You may contact our Customer Service at 1-877-820-0501 for assistance. Please be prepared to supply the name and location of your dealer, and if possible, the 6 Square Cabinets original order or invoice number. This information may have been included on a card attached to a sink base cabinet.
What if my dealer does not have a sample of a style or color I am interested in?
The 6 Square Cabinets dealers and designers can order door or drawer front samples in any of 6 Square’s species and finishes.
Can I purchase stain?
Stain is not yet available to purchase. Please check with your 6 Square Cabinets dealer to find out when stain will become available.
What does Limited Lifetime Warranty mean?
6 Square Cabinets Limited Lifetime Warranty covers the original purchaser on all cabinet products, and finishes are covered against defects in materials and workmanship. It covers repair or replacement of parts, but not the labor of removal or installation of any parts or cabinets.
Can you send me product literature?
Yes. You can order printed literature or download the 6 Square Cabinets brochure.